One Inch Punch

By Stephen J. Goodson
November 9, 2014

The One Inch Punch is purported to be a devastating technique that can only be developed through years of dedicated training. Its unique power is said to come from the proper coordination of the internal and external aspects of boxing. A large part of Bruce Lee's claims to Martial Arts prowess derive from his demonstrations of this punch.

In 1975, a student of Lee's named James W. DeMile wrote a booklet entitled Bruce Lee's 1 and 3 Inch Power Punch. It includes sections on the mental and physical training regimen required to develop the skills necessary to generate this powerful punch, and comes replete with cautions of how dangerous the technique is.

Inexplicably, on the last page of this book DeMile reveals the secret to the punch that renders the preceding pages meretricious and the punch feckless. The trick can be learned in less than thirty minutes. The technique is reminiscent of the children's game PUSH, and in the realm of real boxing and genuine power, it is nothing more than a gimmick.

I present page 39 of DeMile's book below, as I could not do a better job of disproving this myth. Nothing more really needs to be said on the subject.