Through Stephen's explanations and demonstrations I realized that this was not something I needed to 'add to my training'—this should be my training. 

- John Lang

Stephen's new approach to teaching this material aims to make every student an expert (if Draeger walked in he'd be a student, if Oyama walked in he'd be a student, very much like a pottery class).  I think one of the greatest aspects of this New Approach is that you help your opponent to get better to the point where they can beat you, and that goes back and forth.

- Chris Achstetter

The way Stephen teaches, it takes away the mystery and replaces
it with awe.
- Robyn V. Wyrick

Stephen Goodson, the only person I know who has weaponized Professor Cheng's soft taiji. 
- Chuck Abbott   5th Dan, Karate

I just want to give you a few words of thanks for sharing your thoughts and techniques on Tai Chi practice. As you predicted, when I do the form now, I see the places where ti fang can be applied. Can't wait to try and apply the techniques you taught us when the push hands group meets again in a few weeks. I totally agree that the free style practice of push hands dilutes the essence of Tai Chi training. I have always felt this but just went along with what was being done. 

- Mark

Thanks again for this very insightful workshop. You have shown yourself to be a top rate instructor, and I am glad that we have been able to meet. I look forward to working with you again soon. I can tell you that we here at GH will continue to work on the skill of Ti Fang.                        
 - Gordon Wicks

Thank you very much for your detailed explanation of Ti fang and some of its applications. I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar.                              
- John F. Sliger II, P.E.

Thank you very much for the workshop on Sep 27th! It was a blast. I was impressed by how quickly you were able to teach all of us the concept of ti fang, and how, by the end of the day, all of us could replicate it.              
- Ryan Reyes