Fair Trade Tai Chi is a D.C. based non-profit

whose mission is to promote the soft martial art of Tai Chi

In the tradition of the classical texts.


BEHIND THE NAME, Fair Trade Tai Chi:

When an opponent tries to hit us with all their strength, we offer them no resistance we simply yield the space. At that moment, when they fall into the emptiness of that space, when they are unable to resist, we apply a light touch and then an accelerating push with all our strength

We consider this a "fair trade."


Behind the logo

Our logo, with the Yang side cut out, emphasizes the Yin side of a yin/yang diagram.  Our focus is on the soft martial art, proving that the soft is so much more powerful than the hard, thus we are "empowering the yin."

In addition there's a symbolic effect of a character waving you in to sharing our journey. Won't you join us?


One of the oldest Classics on Tai Chi:

Song of Hitting Hands

“Wardoff, Rollback, Press, and Push must be known
Upper and lower coordinated; the other has difficulty entering
Let him come and hit with great strength
Draw-in and touch, 4 ounces deflects 1,000 pounds
Attract into emptiness, join and discharge
Adhere-link, stick-follow, no letting-go [nor] resisting”

-Wang Zongyue